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009 – Kevin Claggett

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We talk about the diversity of the trade a lot on this podcast. Kevin is a great example of how you can take and mold this trade to fit your lifestyle.

Kevin started in the trade right out of high school. He was raised with a blue collar background and like most line hands doesn’t shy away from putting in a hard days work.

After 10 plus years on the Right of Way he was looking for a bit of a change. Kevin and his wife were beginning a family and he wanted to be home more.

Somewhere inside him was an idea and an entrepreneurial spirit.

He decided to go all in on his idea and start a family business.

Join Kevin and I on this episode of Powerline Podcast as we talk about having an idea and acting on it. Starting a business, raising kids, and our passion for the brotherhood. You don’t want to miss this one.

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