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A Podcast About Life and Work In The Trades

This is a podcast built on grit, hard work, and good times.

I’ve spent my whole life around tradesmen. As a kid, I listened to their stories. As a lineman, I got a few stories of my own. Tradesmen are a special breed. Our bonds are formed through long hours, intense and complex work, and high-risk environments. Our crew becomes our family.

Some of us are nomads. Some of us are thrill seekers. But all of us are here to get the job done. Bad weather, rough terrain, dizzying heights, long hours — we’ve seen it all and kept right on working.

I love the trades. My life as a lineman has taken me all over the world and introduced me to fantastic people. I started this project to preserve the history of tradework by recording and sharing our stories and to give back to the community that has given so much to me.

Please join me as we find out what it means to spend your life in the trades. And if you have a story to share, we’d love to hear it.

- Ryan

Ryan Lucas
Powerline Podcast Creator and Host

Creator and Host

Ryan Lucas

Side angle shot of Ryan Lucas with arms crossed and smiling. He's wearing a black baseball cap and a dark grey denim shirt.

Second-generation lineman, tradesman, and podcast host, Ryan spent 19 years as a powerline technician, working all across North America. Based in British Columbia, he learned to troubleshoot complex electrical and rigging problems, design safe work plans, and build teams to get jobs done. Working for Allteck Line Contractors, he became a live line barehand-certified linemen.

Ryan’s career as a lineman taught him the importance of safety. He knows firsthand what it takes to perform the challenging, exacting, and dangerous work that keeps the world connected to power. He is passionate about the mental, physical, and spiritual work of a life in the trades and wants to shine a light on the men and women who spend their lives making ours easier.

Ryan lives in British Columbia, Canada and when he’s not working on live lines or checking levels on the podcast, you might catch him experimenting with videography and graphic design.