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Frequently Asked Questions about thIS Podcast and the Trades

Powerline Podcast is a podcast dedicated to sharing information and resources about powerline construction, maintenance, and safety. Our podcast series features industry experts who share their insights and experiences in skilled trades, as well as influential guests from other genres.

We created Powerline Podcast for anyone involved in the powerline industry, including construction workers, engineers, safety professionals, and managers. That being said, we hope anyone with an interest in the skilled trades or craft labor will benefit from the podcast’s resources. Our guests are amazing, and we hope many people will benefit from their perspectives.

We’d love to hear from you! Whether you’re an industry professional, enthusiast, or family member, if you have a story to share or a question you’d like us to tackle, you can submit it here.

New podcast episodes are typically released every Monday morning at 6:30am EST. The exact schedule may vary depending on guest availability and other factors. You can subscribe to the podcast on your preferred listening platform to make sure you never miss an episode!

Powerline Podcast is available on all major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, and YouTube. You can also find all the episodes right here on the site – including video episodes. (Pro tip: Download a few episodes so you can tune in on the go.)

You’ve chosen a rewarding field! Powerline Podcast is powered by Quanta Services, the largest employer of craft labor in North America with more than 50,000 team members. You can start learning about all the opportunities available and take the first step here:

Just search @powerlinepodcast on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can interact with us there, and you’ll find a community of people who love talking about their work and sharing knowledge.

Quanta Services “powers” Powerline Podcast – they’re our main sponsor and own the content from March 2023 onward. Powerline Podcast was created by Ryan Lucas (@RyanLucas44) – who continues to host and produce each episode.

You certainly can – in Spring 2023 we began streaming live video of episode recordings on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel here and turn on notifications to know when you can tune into the next live episode. (All episodes are recorded so you can watch at any time from our channel.)

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