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008 – Garrett Millward

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All of us that are Lineman found the trade in different ways. Some of us like myself were born into it and others didn’t even realize that it existed until later in their lives.

Garry was one of those guys that found linework later in life.

Growing up in the mountains of Utah set Garry up for a life of outdoor adventure. His mom and dad planted the extreme sports seed in him by introducing him to rock climbing.

“When I was just a little boy my dad made a harness that he could attach to his harness, and he would repel off of cliffs with me.”

Garry’s love of extreme sports leads him from skateboarding to downhill mountain biking and eventually he would become a pro snowboarder.

Snowboarding was fun and all, but he knew that at some point he would have to find something that he could call a career.

Out of what seemed like nowhere he discovered the job of Lineman and the rest is history.

Join me on episode 008 of Powerline Podcast with guest Garrett Millward as he takes us through how he was terrified of a career indoors and his relief once he discovered linework.