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010 – Peter Catchpole

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Peter Catchpole is an engineer with global recognition in electric transmission systems. One of Catchpole’s best known projects and the one we focus on in this interview is the worlds second high voltage catenary. This catenary is located in the coastal mountains of British Columbia Canada. It stretches 4000 feet across the Kildala pass, is 500 feet off the valley floor and comes with its own heli pad. The purpose of this catenary is to eliminate several structures on the avalanche pounded hillside below and is the second of two systems across the same valley.

These rugged mountain transmission lines were built in the 1950’s. It didn’t take long for the first catenary to be constructed after brutal weather and avalanches wiped out several towers. Fast forward to March of 2007, another avalanche claimed tower 113R and this would be the birth of the worlds second high voltage catenary later dubbed Cat 2.

The original engineer of the Kildala transmission lines and the worlds first high voltage Catenary was a man by the name of Brian White. In this interview you’ll learn how Peter met Brian and how Peter would become the engineer that would design Cat 2.

These catenary systems took the teamwork of both engineer and linemen to design and construct. This is an amazing power line story that I’m so stoked to share with you.

For more info about these catenary systems and the Kildala power lines that stretch from Kemano to Kitimat go follow Peter’s IG page ➡️ @thekildalacatenary ⬅️. Peter is also in the process of writing a book about these lines and catenaries so stay tuned.