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121 | Current Keepers: Unveiling the Lineman’s Journey with Don Muzzy

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In this episode of Powerline Podcast, Ryan Lucas sits down with Don Muzzy, a distinguished power lineman and mentor with decades of experience in America’s power grid. Don’s gripping stories and invaluable insights provide a vivid glimpse into the challenges faced by linemen who ensure our cities and towns stay powered. From major storm response after a hurricane to the precision required in constructing and maintaining urban distribution lines, Don paints a picture of daily triumphs and challenges in the trade.  

As a dedicated mentor and the lead instructor of Quanta’s electrical line worker program, Don now imparts his wealth of knowledge to the next generation of linemen, emphasizing safety and craftsmanship. This episode offers a rare opportunity to gain a profound appreciation for the unsung heroes of the grid and insight into the future of this vital trade. Whether you’re a seasoned lineman, an aspiring apprentice, or simply curious about the heartbeat of our power infrastructure, Don Muzzy’s journey is bound to leave you charged with newfound admiration.