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120 | From Apache Helicopter Commander to Spacewalker: Shane Kimbrough’s Journey

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Remarkable astronaut, Shane Kimbrough, sits in with Powerline Podcast Host Ryan Lucas for a down-to-earth conversation that bridges the worlds of blue-collar craft labor and space exploration.

During the conversation, we delve into Kimbrough’s captivating journey, from his distinguished military background as an Apache helicopter commander to his awe-inspiring experiences in the vast expanse of space. With a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective, Kimbrough draws striking parallels between his time on the ground and high above the Earth.

Through candid anecdotes, Kimbrough shares the invaluable lessons he’s learned throughout his extraordinary career. Discover how his military training and expertise translate seamlessly into the challenges faced by craft laborers, offering a fresh perspective on dedication, precision, and teamwork.