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005 – Adrian Midwood

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Adrian Midwood is from British Columbia, Canada. His love of the outdoors began as a child, but it was the ocean that really took hold of him. His father was a Lineman and would take his family with him whenever he could while working on the road in some of the most pristine and rugged parts of western Canada.

It was his days surfing in the small west coast town of Tofino, BC where Adrian was first introduced to the ocean. Since then, he has traveled and sailed most of the globe with a message of conservation. Adrian works for an organization called Plastic Oceans Canada.

In this episode of Powerline Podcast Adrian shares some of his stories owning his own boat and sailing the Pacific. He also shares his powerful message about ocean conservation and in particular the issue of plastic pollution. I guarantee you will come away from this podcast with a changed perspective about plastic’s and you’ll also receive some tools that will help you begin your journey towards a plastic free life.

This conversation has personally changed my life.