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004 – Lineman Appreciation Day

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What does being a Lineman mean to me? Hard working people.  It means people dedicated to their job and the industry that they love. It means a group of people that operate as a family and care about each other, a true brotherhood. You have my back and I have yours. We put our boots on early and we don’t take them off until late. We would literally give the shirt off of our backs to help out another brother or their family.

We work all hours day or night, in all weather conditions, snow, rain, cold, hot, monsoon, or hurricane. It doesn’t matter. Because for Linemen, it’s about doing our part to help people restore some level of normalcy to life following a major event.

This is how the brotherhood has been created over time and how the bond has been built. We spend so much time together. It’s a dangerous job that not everyone can do. So today, I want to recognize and thank you Linemen for today is your day. Today is Lineman appreciation day. You work damn hard for it and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

From me, Ryan Lucas, Red Seal ticket number 10052208 in the trade of Lineman from Local 258, British Columbia Canada. Thank you, Linemen for doing all that you do.