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118 | Lineman & Country Artist | Clint Vick | Storytelling through music

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I first heard of Clint Vick and his music while going through barehand school at the Lazy Q Ranch about 2 years ago. We were sitting around studying one night, listening to some tunes and one of the fellas said “hey put on some Clint Vick”. Since then I was hooked and have wanted to have him on the show. Clint is a lineman, singer and songwriter with a gift for storytelling. He’s been in the industry for 20+ years and has worked all over North America doing everything from major transmission projects to helicopter line work and major disaster relief after the fires in California. Clint takes his years of experiences as a lineman and puts them into his music creating something very unique to us as line workers.

Enjoy this conversation with Clint Vick and please go follow him and subscribe to his music on platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Link to Clints music on Spotify