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108 | Lineman | Jason Novak | Climbin For Kids

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I first met Jason in Lawrenceburg Indiana a few years ago. We were randomly placed as pole partners in the final event of the Whiskey City Rodeo. Jason reached out to me a few weeks ago and said hey I’d love to be on the podcast if you’d have me. Of course, I said yes and it was awesome to hear his story.

Turns out he has competed at the International Lineman’s Rodeo in Kansas 22 times in his career. If that wasn’t special enough, he and a few others decided to form a team to raise money for St. Jude’s Hospital and they crushed it! They raised thousands of dollars and were able to present the check on stage during the awards banquet.

They are returning to the ILR this year with the team and goals of reaching new highs. If you feel called to support this cause (full details are in the episode about why they chose this cause) then you can scan the QR code in the photo above or reach out to them at [email protected]