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104 | Jaret Warren | This needs to be talked about

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The subject of mental health amongst trade workers needs to be talked about more. Depression, divorce, and suicide are at an all-time high. Jaret Warren has been in the line trade for almost 2 decades and like many in this trade he has suffered with his own mental health issues but unlike most, he was willing to sit down and talk about it. We need to do this more. We need to talk about this subject and we need to do all we can to help before we lose more amazing family, friends, and coworkers. Much love.

If you are in the USA and need help now, dial 988 for the National Suicide Prevention Line.

If you are in Canada and need help now, dial 1 833 456 4566.

Most companies have an Employee Assistance Program and so does the IBEW if you are union.