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030 | James Geering | Behind The Shield

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James is a veteran Fireman, Paramedic, and host of Behind The Shield Podcast. Linemen and Firemen have a long standing respect for each other despite the occasional poke about being each other’s hero’s. LOL

In all seriousness James has a beautiful heart for humanity and a deep longing to serve. He spent just over 14 years as a Fireman and Paramedic also acquiring a Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology.

James shares his history and how he became a Fireman then move on to do a deeper dive into a couple of topics that I’ve wanted to talk about on this show for a while, physical fitness and mental health.

He has interviewed almost 300 amazing guests over 3 years on his podcast @BehindTheShield911. If you don’t already subscribe to Behind The Shield please take the time to do that right now. His guests are fantastic, and topics are very relatable to our industry. Stay healthy folks and enjoy the episode.