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026 | Don “Red Dog” McLennan | Passion Equals Linework And Motorcycles

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Some of you out there will recognize Red Dog. If you’re part of the Quanta family and have spent any time at the Lazy Q ranch doing Barehand training than you’ve probably been taught by him.

He has performed all aspects of the trade over the course of his career and is now a world class trades trainer.

Listen to Red Dog’s story of growing up. The son of a lineman. His dad would often take him for rides in helicopters and on the right of ways of the 500kV transmission lines he was building across British Columbia.

He would later go on to become a lineman himself and from the moment he could ride a bike he never looked back.

Enjoy eps 026 of Powerline Podcast and make sure you listen to the intro for a special announcement that has been a while in the making.