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018 – Del Marth – Linemanmama the story and legacy of Brandon Orozco

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Del Marth. Most of you on IG or Facebook have probably seen the praying hands surrounded by lightning bolts with the words Brothers Keeper beneath them. Some of you may know Brandon Orozco’s story or at least parts of it. Del is Brandon’s mother, and this episode is about the story and legacy of fellow brother Brandon Orozco. Since Brandon’s passing in 2013 Del has been on a mission to get her #brotherskeeper stickers onto the hard hat of every lineman out there. In 6 years, she has given out more than 50,000 stickers! These stickers are a way to keep her sons name alive and they are a reminder of the brotherhood we are a part of. When you see the hands whether it’s on a sticker, a shirt or a hat. Take a second and think about your next move, think about your brother/sisters next move and watch out for each other. It’s up to us to make sure we all make it home each and every day.