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002 – David Fossa

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David is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and has had a long career in the electrical industry. His dual tickets as a journeyman electrician and journeyman lineman along with his time spent as a high voltage cable splicer, system first responder, and high level management has led him into trades training. David has since completed a degree in adult education and works as a full time trades trainer for Allteck Line Contractors out of British Columbia, Canada.

Linework through the 80’s and 90’s saw its share of hard times. He faced it all from a cancelled apprenticeship to having to leave linework to work at a lumberyard because of a lack of jobs. He eventually found himself working as a lineman in places like Chicago and Detroit.

Join me as I introduce David Fossa to Powerline Podcast. I’ve known David for a long time. He was my first foreman and I’m honored to have him as my first guest on the podcast. The photo below is of him, and I when I was just an apprentice. He will be a reoccurring guest so this episode will be just an introduction.