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The Show Up Dad with David Mendonca

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Lineman Chronicles with Special Guest Ryan Lucas of Powerline Podcast

Originally published by The Show UP Dad podcast on August 12, 2021

Tune in to this episode of Lineman Chronicles featuring Ryan Lucas. Ryan discusses how his father showed him how to relate to people, how to try and make every moment count with our children, to teach them how to be starters, and to have the fortitude to finish. He also talks about how he recognized a learning disorder in his son. Other topics covered:

  • How every action is a reaction and we need to show up for our children.
  • ADD is not a disability and how labels are detrimental.
  • Apprentice, master relationship.
  • Self development
  • How leadership starts at home
  • … and many other wonderful tips on how to be a better dad and tradesmen.


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